A summer break means so much

Please give those special moments to a child who faces big challenges

Give them a care-free day

Where does my donation go?

Every year Quarriers children and family services plan a range of trips and activities for the school holidays. Each service knows what will benefit the children, young people and families they support, and what’s available in their area. Each project will have different costs attached to these activities, from bus hire and packed lunch provision to entry costs, and even providing sun tan cream for the kids. We ask for a donation of £15 per child in order to average these out.

It is contributions from the public that make it possible for children like Jack to get at least one day of freedom and fun.

“I donate because all children should have the time to have fun and a relaxing time, and perhaps especially those who have a stressful time at home.”


“I feel every child should have respite from the daily grind. Happy holidays children!”


We're committed to Good Fundraising.If we exceed the money needed then your donation will be used where it is needed most within Quarriers.


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Feedback form

It is important to us that we hear your concerns and feedback and can improve our communication with you. If you want to discuss any aspect of our fundraising, please contact us first on 01505 690875, email us at fundraising@quarriers.org.uk or fill out the form on our feedback page.