Caring through Covid-19
Emergency appeal

By donating today you can help us be there for very vulnerable people through every type of trauma they are facing at this time.

A majority of the people we support are at higher risk of experiencing more serious complications from COVID-19

In over 100 services across Scotland we are supporting adults with a disability, children and families affected by multiple deprivation, young people facing homelessness, and those living with epilepsy.

We are working as hard as we can to keep them all as safe as possible.

We’re supporting young people aged 16–25 who are at risk of homelessness

This is a scary, lonely time for them.

We’ve stepped up our support including daily phone and video calls. They need to know they have credit on their phones so they can call us any time. It’s one of the ways your donation could help.

“It feels like the world is slowing down yet we at this service are spinning a hundred miles an hour trying to support the young people.”

Quarriers Project Manager

How is Covid-19 impacting our frontline services?

We need to reduce the distress of isolation for vulnerable people
No matter who we’re supporting, from young people affected by homelessness to vulnerable adults, we’re finding that being in touch with loved ones and support staff is vital. We’re in desperate need of funding for phones, ipads and communication devices and the credit to be able to use them to keep in touch with the outside world.

We need more staff
Quarriers has sent out an urgent request for people who match our values and can offer anything from a few hours right up to full-time work, or volunteering to help with tasks such as shopping, cooking or cleaning.
With staff in self-isolation or quarantine, as well as struggling with child support, our existing and necessary levels of staffing are threatened. Added to this social events and day centres have closed so hundreds of adults with additional needs require more care in Quarriers supported living or respite services.

We need large volumes of hand sanitiser, hand soap and disinfectant spray
Agencies are working together to centralise the stock of these items and ensure there is enough to go around; however, the costs involved are significant.

We need to provide emergency help for vulnerable families
They need food parcels, help with heating costs and even help with things for the children to do.

How is Quarriers dealing with the crisis?

  • An Emergency Planning Committee meets daily for updates on issues faced by teams on the front line and plans on how we deliver each and every service under these new conditions.
  • We are monitoring self-isolation cases twice a day to assess how staffing is affected, but this changes rapidly, and will do more with school closures.
  • A log on supplies such as gloves and masks is kept so that these can be best used.
  • Our HR teams are working round the clock to safely recruit more people who may not currently not able to work at their usual job, but could work with us on a short-term basis.
  • Other Quarriers staff members may be redeployed to drive, collect prescriptions, collect shopping or use other relevant skills and experience
  • We continue to assess our communication methods with people we support, if appropriate, we aim to use technology such as ipads to ensure social interaction continues even if it cannot be face-to-face.

N.B. In this rapidly changing situation, the needs of people we support are changing day-by-day. The items outlined are examples of some of the things we could require in the coming weeks.

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