The WAR on Hate Crime campaign


Quarriers’ WAR on Hate Crime:  We’re All Responsible Campaign aims to:

  • Raise awareness through asking people to sign up to support Quarriers’ WAR on Hate Crime.
  • Help people with learning disabilities to recognise and speak up about hate crime.
  • Provide information on what to do if you are a victim of hate crime or witness hate crime taking place.
  • Work to ensure that people with disabilities live full, happy lives free from abuse.

The campaign was launched in February 2015.  Hate crime is an issue the Quarriers Discovery Group, a peer-led network for people with learning disabilities, feels strongly about and the subject has been discussed regularly at the group’s meetings.

Over the last two years, members of this group; Caroline Gray, Florence McQuilter and John Wheeler have been engaging actively in work around hate crime which has contributed to the development of the WAR on Hate Crime Campaign.

Caroline, Florence and John wish to promote a better understanding about hate crime and how it affects people with a disability. The key message is that everyone – you and me, the police, the Criminal Justice System and victims of hate crime themselves – has a responsibility to ensure that hate crime is not acceptable and is tackled as a serious issue in Scotland today.