Quarriers records

The Safeguarding and Aftercare Service maintains records held by the organisation since the 1870s when William Quarrier opened his first night shelter for Glasgow street children.

Approximately 30,000 children spent at least some of their childhood in the Orphan Homes of Scotland, which changed its name to Quarriers Homes in 1958. Each child’s entry to and departure from the Homes was recorded as well as basic information about the family’s circumstances. Records generally include more information about the progress of the individual child from the mid-1960s. These records are now contained on a securely held digital database.

Safeguarding and Aftercare Service

If you were a former resident or if you are a descendant or other associate of a former resident, whether they were migrated to Canada or Australia or remained in Scotland, we can share information from records we hold, within the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation.

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Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry

Quarriers has chosen to play a full and active part in the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, which has now begun in Edinburgh.

We applied for, and were granted, core participant status from the start because we feel strongly that care agencies should contribute fully and effectively in an open and transparent manner to help the Inquiry achieve its aims.

At the heart of our position is the belief that all survivors of child abuse have the right to be heard and that Scotland should learn the lessons of its past, however painful, to strive to ensure that all children are treated with love and compassion and have the best start in life.

This is our stance, as evidenced by our full participation in the Time To Be Heard initiative and the independent National Confidential Forum which followed it, for survivors of abuse while in care.

Seven former Quarriers’ employees were convicted of offences which took place between 1955 and 1981. Quarriers co-operated fully with the authorities.

To those who suffered abuse while in our care, we offer an unreserved apology.

We condemn the actions of the individuals who perpetrated these crimes as their behaviour was the very opposite of our values. In 2004 Quarriers apologised to individuals affected and will continue to offer support to anyone with a grievance.

Over the last decade and more, we have co-operated fully with survivors and survivors’ groups. Anyone who makes allegations of abuse, regardless of when it happened, will be listened to and taken seriously.

Today, Quarriers is one of Scotland’s leading social care charities, providing practical care and support for vulnerable children, adults and families who face extremely challenging circumstances.

While acknowledging the wrongs of the past, we are proud of our role in supporting vulnerable children and families throughout our history. More than 30,000 children have passed through Quarriers’ doors since Victorian times.

We are proud of the significant good that Quarriers has achieved. That’s why we are participating fully in the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry so that we can be part of the solution and continue to play a valuable role in helping vulnerable people and creating a better Scotland.