Nittingshill Cemetery opened in 1888, some ten years after Quarriers Village was established.




In early August 2018 a new path, posts, chains and signage to demarcate the area as well as signage at both entrances to the Cemetery were added.

Two new signs pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the period 1878 when Quarriers Village was established until 1888 when the Church and Cemetery opened. A further plaque commemorates all those who lost their lives between 1971, the last name on the current plaque, and 1998 when the last Children’s Home closed in Quarriers Village.

The images below show some of the recent improvements made to the cemetery.

Remembering those who went to Canada from the Orphan Homes of Scotland

Between 1870 and 1933, a total of 80,000 children moved to Canada through migration programmes, with around 7,000 children coming from The Orphan Homes of Scotland. It is estimated that there are around 250,000 descendants of these emigrants living in Canada today.

To remember those who moved to Canada from the Orphan Homes of Scotland, maple trees were planted in Quarriers Village, and two dedicated spaces of remembrance – the Canadian Garden and Maple Grove – were created.