Our Finances

91% of our staff deliver frontline services and 96p in every £1 income is spent on the people at the heart of our mission

Where your money goes

96 pence out every £1 income is spent looking after people who need your help.

So this income provides at-home care for adults with a disability, and helps young homeless people to live safely and securely. We run transformative services including Scotland’s only specialist epilepsy centre, and a family resource centre which helps parents to build confidence and create a better life for their families.

This money really does transform lives.


Where it’s needed

When you look at Quarriers’ annual review you get an idea of the scale of the work we do. Last year we spent more than £40million helping children, young people and families, adults with a disability or people with epilepsy.

Admin and running costs are kept to a minimum. Nine out of ten of our staff delivers frontline social care services while the rest perform roles which support them. When you donate to us you are supporting a team dedicated to helping others.